Sun, Sep 24, 2023
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Following the first edition, the second edition of the traditional pre-departure ceremony, Sobraniye 2021, was conducted on 25th November 2021, Thursday at Kamani Auditorium, Mandi House, Delhi. More than 250 students attended the ceremony along with their parents. The event commenced at 5:30 PM by the clock. The event included some of the eminent personalities sharing the stage together to motivate the students joining Russia to become their doctor. The guests included Mr. Fyodor Rozovsky, Director Russian House in New Delhi; Mr. N.K Bhagat- Director Ministry of Health & Family Welfare; Dr N.K Sharma- Well Known Biologist & Professor; Prof. S.K Washim, Founder & Chairman Rus Education; Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor- Vice Chairman Rus Education, Former DGMS, IAF; Mr. Syed I. Rigan, Managing Director Rus Education; Ms. Elena Barman, Head, Education Department, Russian House in New Delhi; Dr Vanita Mittal, General Manager Academics, Max Healthcare and Ms. Ekaterina Tyurina- Attache, Embassy of Russian Federation in India