Sun, Jan 29, 2023
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On 2nd July 2021, the batch of 2016-21 completed their study for MBBS in Russia at the top medical universities of Russia, Perm State Medical University. The event saw a grand celebration filled with enthusiasm from the students as well as the professors. Celebrating the 6 years of associations of the students and the professors has created beautiful memories adding on their memorable life-experience.

The event also marked the kind presence of university’s representatives like Natalia Viitalievna Minayeva (Rector), Korikov Vladimir Vasilievich (Vice-Rector), Anna Mikhaylova Bocharova (Vice- Rector) Troynich Yana Nikolaevna (Vice-Dean), Vikas Saxena (Vice-Dean), Kozlova Tatyana Igorevna (Document Specialist), Efimova Tatyana Yurievna (Head of International Programs), amongst many others.

The professors as well gleefully shared their fond memories of the batch. The event ended with the professors and the officials wishing good luck for their future endeavours. The entire event was streamed live so that even the parents could also join this celebration and bless their wards.