Fri, Jan 27, 2023
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As per the tradition, Rus Education has conducted the pre-departure ceremony of Sobraniye 2021 in association with Russian House in New Delhi. The event was organised on 21st November 2021 at Little Theater Group, Mandi House, Delhi 110001. The event witnessed a gathering of approximately 150 people including the students, parents, family members and the devoted team of Rus Education. The ceremony also witnessed the remarkable presence of significant dignitaries like Mr Vasilii Shagap, representative of Russian House in New Delhi, Ms. Elena Barman, head of education department, Russian House in New Delhi, Dr N.K. Sharma, a renowned biologist and lecturer and Mr Syed I. Rigan, co chairman of Rus Education who motivated the students as well as interacted with the parents assuring their full support for the coming years.