Sun, Sep 24, 2023
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About Russia

Today, Russia is one of the most popular destinations among medical students around the world. The students, who want to study MBBS in Russia or any other degree in the field of medicine, apply in many medical universities in Russia every year. Russia is the largest country in the world covering more than one eighth of the land area. The medical universities of Russia are well recognized all over the world.

The quality of the medical universities in Russia is very good. The universities follow the international curriculum. The cost of living in Russia is very low and that too with high quality infrastructure. The government of Russia keeps a close eye on the medical universities and helps in maintaining the standards of its higher medical education system. Russia is proud to announce that out of 100 top ranking Medical Universities in the list of "Directory of World Medical Schools" of WHO, 30 universities are from Russia. The students who complete their MBBS from the medical universities of Russia are working in the leading Hospitals around the world.

Every year, thousands of students from many countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc travel to Russia to study MBBS. All the medical universities of Russia are accredited by the world’s major organizations like WHO, UNESCO & Medical Councils of many countries like U.S.A, U.K, Middle East, Australia, India, Canada etc. The complete duration of MBBS in Russia is 6 years in English medium. In case, a student wants to study in Russian medium, the duration of MBBS in Russia is 7 years which includes 1 year as Russian Language Training.

The tuition fee of MBBS in the medical universities of Russia is very affordable as compared to other countries like USA, UK and many other European Universities. This makes Russia a preferable option for foreign candidates to pursue MBBS, MD or other medical degrees. The medium of instruction in most of the medical universities in Russia is English which makes it much easier for foreign students to learn better. Apart from the quality, the process of admission in Russian medical universities is very simple and hassle free.

Campus Life

The medical students in Russia enjoy a very healthy and happy life. The students are provided with the best quality accommodation and infrastructure in the college campuses. All the facilities are available in the universities at a very low cost. The students enjoy multicultural environment in the Russian medical universities. Every year, many cultural events and festivals are organized in the universities. The students participate in such events. This helps them in understanding different cultures.

The students, who graduate from Russian medical universities, are eligible to work in any part of the world as the universities are recognized by the major organizations. The universities not only provide best education but the students are also encouraged to take part in sports and other extracurricular activities. Many sports facilities are also available in the university complexes like badminton court, football ground, basket ball court, swimming pools, gyms etc.

Indian students who study MBBS in Russia can come back to India and work here after completing the national medical examination conducted by the Medical council of India. Same applies to the students from other countries who wish to go back and work in their respective countries.

The living conditions in Russia along with many other positive factors make Russia as one of the favorable places for foreign as well as local students to pursue MBBS and other degrees in medical.